Nigerian cookbooks are best used for making Nigerian foods. Thousands of homes all over the world rely on the million of cookbook across the globe to make mouth watering foods.

Cookbook don’t just introduce you to new and amazing recipes, they also help you improve the ones you know already.

Minor adjustments to those recipes you already know and love could expose you to a whole new world of deliciousness.

Our premium cookbook shows you how to make a myriad of Nigerian foods. There are thousands of foods in Nigeria. A great number of them are only popular among Nigerian locals. Over the last ten years, we have made cookbooks to heralds the most popular foods among Nigerians.


Making a cookbook takes a cumbersome process and lots of time from when the idea is conceived and when the cookbook is eventually ready to purchase.

Jiji and cookbook

About Our Nigerian Cookbook

In the last 10 years we have published and sold thousands of cookbook, below is our latest innovation – the ultimate Nigerian cookbook, a 216 paged cookbook with thousands of copies sold worldwide and thousands of happy customers.

If you want a copy, you can get it via our salespage.


Nigerian Cookbook

Our Happy Customers

Nigerian cookery book

This is my first Nigerian cookbook, and we perfectly made it. I love the look and especially the amazing pictures that make you hungry even before you finish cooking!.

Nigerian cook book

Thanks for this wonderful cookbook, I tried your method of fried rice and it turned out perfect! I also made my birthday cake using your guide, it turned out delicious too.

Yes, Free Delivery For All Nigerian Cookbooks

All of the Nigerian cookbooks offered on this site comes with free delivery. It takes within 24-48 hour working days for Nigerian addresses and 3-4 weeks for other countries.

Amazing Recipes Too!

This blog however, is not all about cookbook, we have written hundred of free Nigerian food recipes

Welcome to my cookbook blog! While I offer you amazing cookery books for making Nigerian foods, you can also follow the links below to try your hands on some of my amazing Nigerian food recipes.

Ofada stew pot
Nigerian Rice Recipes

Ofada Stew

Ofada Stew (Easy-to-follow Recipe) Ofada stew is a locally made Yoruba (Ijebu) stew specifically crafted for Ofada rice. I must confess that the demand for

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Miyan Kuka
Nigerian soups

Miyan Kuka

Miyan Kuka (Delicious Baobab Leaf Soup) Miyan Kuka is a popular Hausa soup that is made from kuka (Baobab leaves). This is definitely one of

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dough didn't rise
Baking and Snacks

Why Didn’t My Dough Rise?

Why my Dough Didn’t Rise? I get lots of people asking “why my dough didn’t rise. In the this article (plus the video below), I

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Nigerian spices and uses
Nigerian cooking

Nigerian Spices and Uses

Nigerian Spices and Uses There are lots of Nigerian spices used for cooking. This article should introduce you to the enormous world of food spices

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fried rice1
Nigerian Recipes

Fried Rice

Fried Rice Fried rice combine vegetables, meats and a handful of other ingredients to make a sumptuous meal. It is very unlikely that this meal

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